Time Works FX

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Time Works FX
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  • 2010-05-14
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Brief Description
Exercise machine that gives full body workout without shock and strain to join and mucles. Can be folded for easy keeping.
Product Attributes
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    Time Works FX
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    Exercise Bike
Detailed Description

Timeworks FX is scientifically proven to give you a complete full body workout in just four minutes a day. Now there are two great ways to get that same four-minute workout. A revolutionary approach to fitness that gives you a complete full body workout in just four minutes. A dramatic university study confirms the accelerated benefits of short duration; high intensity exercise on Time Works can actually give you three separate workouts, all at the same time. All in just four minutes. So now you can burn calories, tone hips and buttocks, sculpt shapelier, sexier thighs, tone your waistline while shaping lean, firm abs. Help firm and tone your back, arms, and chest and maintain flexibility all in just four minutes a day.

On Time Works you're really moving all your major muscle groups in the body from the lower body through the mid-section, the hips, the thighs, the abdominal, the back muscles, the chest, the shoulders, the arms and the whole body works all in unison against resistance in a full range of motion. And this system is called advanced Bio Kinetics. This means you get 3 workouts in one.